Sewing Hack: Turn the low Willow back into a keyhole

Sewing Hack: Turn the low Willow back into a keyhole

So you LOVE the look of the Willow dress but perhaps you'd like a little more coverage on the back neckline? Well this sewing hack is for you! Follow the steps below to turn your low scoop back pattern piece into a keyhole back pattern.


Step 1

Grab the back sewing pattern piece and tape some plain paper behind it. You can use sewing pattern paper or regular printer paper. 


Step 2

Using a ruler, draw a straight line vertical from the centre back line and another line horizontal from the shoulder seam. We're going to use these lines as a guide for the keyhole shape. Stay within these new lines.

As a guide, I came down the centre back line by around 4cm. You may wish for this to be different but keep in mind that the back neckline needs to follow the curve of your neck so you wouldn't have it as high as the horizontal line you have drawn.

Using a pattern master (or anything that has a curve to it), draw your new keyhole lines. As the pattern pieces already have seam allowance you won't need to add this on.


Step 3

Cut around your new keyhole shape and you're good to go!

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