Hey there, eco-sewist extraordinaire!

Welcome to Cinnamon Daisy, where creativity and sustainability meet at the sewing machine. I’m Em, the brains (and heart) behind the patterns, and I’m on a mission to make the world a greener, more stylish place, one stitch at a time.

What drives me? Well, it’s a passion for both fashion and our beautiful planet. I believe that eco-friendly sewing can be more than just a hobby – it can be a way of life. That’s why all my patterns are lovingly designed with the Earth in mind. I'm all about reducing waste, reusing fabrics, and recycling style ideas.

But it’s not just about eco-consciousness here. It’s about YOU! I believe fashion should empower, not exclude. My size-inclusive sewing patterns are designed to fit and flatter all body types, so whether you’re a sewing newbie or a seasoned pro, you’ll find something fabulous to create. I'm here to demystify the art of sewing, providing easy-to-follow patterns and step-by-step guidance. No need to fear the sewing machine; I’ll make you feel like a pro in no time.

My patterns are your canvas to express yourself, to design the wardrobe of your dreams while leaving a positive footprint on the environment. Together, we're creating a fashion-forward future where sustainability is the new black.

Join my inclusive community of sewists, where every thread, every stitch, and every size is celebrated. So, grab your sewing machine, needle and thread, and let’s sew a more inclusive and eco-friendly future, together!

Em x

P.S. You can read more about my promise to the environment and my partnership with TheGoodAPI here.


My Story

Somewhere along my life journey I became a little lost, stuck in jobs I didn't like and working for companies I didn't align with. I longed for the freedom to design my own life and to design how my day looked. I explored and delved deep to understand what brings me the most joy and how I can incorporate more of that into my life. Sewing takes me into a flow state! The sense of achievement I get from creating and wearing that creation is a marvellous thing. I want others to feel that way too and to be part of an all inclusive community that encourages all to create and feel proud of their creations.

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